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Cycletrucks S.U.B. for city & adventure hauling

Remember that saying about first impressions? The Cycletrucks S.U.B. does a good job of making one.  

A recent trip to Sacramento, CA afforded me the opportunity to spend about an hour with this midtail cargo bike. 

Here are my thoughts on the S.U.B. Hopefully, you are inspired to test ride one yourself and ditch the car more often.

Type: Midtail

Capacity: Front & rear rack standard. Attachment points for one child seat and rear panniers.

Standout feature: Box shape of rear rack allow the bike to stand on end for storage in tight spaces.

Price: $1,250.00 - $1,300.00


If you have any questions about what a midtail is compared to a longtail you won't get a more stark comparison that this. I pulled out the black Surly Big Dummy and lined it up next to the S.U.B. For additional perspective the Big Dummy was only an inch or two shorter than the tandem that was beside it on the rack. Need I say more? 


The standard equipment front rack is the equalizer for this bike. Most other brands charge a couple hundred dollars extra for this rack. When comparing max cargo capacity longtail folks may have this bike beat. But when you run out of space on the rear rack of the S.U.B. you can dump more up front.

Notice the front rack is attached to the frame and not the fork. This means the weight on it won't interfere with steering characteristics and makes maneuvering easier.

I took a quick seat on this frame mounted rear rack with the double kickstand supporting the bike. This bike didn't even notice my 6'2' 175 lb. frame copping a squat up front. So grab some bungee cords and have at it.

The rear rack is just as strong. Three top rails help you secure one child seat plus gear on top or possible two child seats. Side rails accommodate many pannier possibilities. 

Notice what look like foot pads at the bottom of the rack. Many brands cover this area in wood, metal or a hard synthetic material for passengers to rest their feet on. You can do the same with Cycletrucks bikes or leave it open for holding the front wheel of another bike that needs a tow.

If you have kids old enough to ride their own bikes while young enough to not be able to make the trip back home this will be a treasured feature. 

A seat cushion for the rear rack would be a great accessory. Until that happens I'm sure you will come up with a great DIY solution.

The Ride:

Riding the S.U.B. is a smooth experience. The frame size and small wheels give you great agility without feeling twitchy. For comfort I am always a fan of flat end bar grips. The medium swept back rake of the handle bars make for a relaxed and visible riding position. 

I took the S.U.B. on park ride that was mostly flat with a couple of good inclines. At 6'2" the bike rides like a BMX bike with an upright riding position and gears to keep from sweating. It is tons of fun and you can bring a ton of stuff with you. 

Gearing & Brakes:

Standard equipment is a single chain ring on the crank up front and nine cogs in the rear for a nice range. The simplicity of the setup should make for carefree cycling for a long time. Shifting is handled by an index shifter that worked smoothly.

To test the brakes I did a few hard stops after a build up to my full speed on flat ground. The 160 mm front and rear disc brakes on 20" wheels is a real confidence builder.


The Cycletrucks S.U.B. is an affordable, smooth shifting midtail that stops well at high speeds. If space is limited and hauling needs are high this offers a nice balance. I would recommend this for an average height to shorter adult. Above 6' 3" riders may find the cockpit a little tight. 

This bike will blend in well with a family with one child or any individual who needs to haul a ton. It is nimble for city life and rugged enough for off road adventures. 

The smile factor is high on the S.U.B. !

Special thanks to Edible Pedal in Sacramento for facilitating the test ride.