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Rise of the ultimate city cargo bike

When talking about hauling stuff through cities, cycling may be settling in on the optimal form factor. The midtail bicycle seems to be having it's moment in the sun. Could the compact cargo bike be the design that is the tipping point for family and commercial urban transportation?

The lure of a cargo bike whether it be a longjohn, trike or longtail is it's ability to allow you to go car free and bring your people or stuff along. The challenge comes when you have to walk your bakfiets along a crowded sidewalk, get it in an elevator or store it in your apartment.

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I heard everyone had fun here but you can see where this could get sticky right?

So if space is tight or if your needs require more than standard panniers but less than a full sized rig check these out. I've listed them in order of what I've ridden or when I first discovered them. Make your way until the end. You'll see how each model adds something to the category.

I first saw the Stretch use as a food delivery vehicle so I had to take one for a ride.

Spicy Curry v1, this one needs revisiting as the electric drive system has been changed to Bosch. Here's my review of the original.

The Benno is like a long electric bmx bike with racks. It is a fun ride. 

Juiced U500 ODK is a fun ride that is super strong.

By now you may be able to see some of the hallmarks of the midtail. In terms of overall length it sits between a standard diamond frame and the stretched longtail. The front or both wheels are smaller as well. The result is quick steering and a nimble ride. 

The rear cargo deck and top tube stand over height are most times lower than other bikes as well. This makes for even easier loading and easy handling for smaller riders. If your capacity needs are not extreme and desire for a smaller footprint is important this may be the ticket. Check out a few more options.

The handmade Beavertail by Cycletrucks from Sacramento, CA.

Cycletrucks does it again with the S.U.B.

While the Haul-a-Day doesn't fold like other Bikefriday models, it's top tube does telescope to various lengths. 

Yuba's Boda Boda is short but has 26 in tires

Radwagon by Radpower Bikes is a 26er as well

Cero E-Cargo

Felt Tot'em 

Felt Bruhaul when the Tot'em isn't enough

  Tern GSD (Get Stuff Done)

The Tern GSD rounds out this list for a reason. It is the most recent interpretation to hit the U.S. market. Looking at all of the models you can see how it builds on the best of the midtail segment. There is one near me so hopefully I will be bringing you a review soon.

Did I miss any important midtails that are in production? I did leave out a couple that are no longer available. If space is limited and hauling is a priority give a midtail a try!