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Summer fun when a DIY longjohn cargo bike meets a clawfoot tub

When I discovered cargo bikes I began asking, "What is bike possible?". The folks at Yuba Bikes use the tagline "What a bike can do!"

After seeing this creation on Instagram I had to hear the story behind it. Please enjoy this functional art piece that clearly is great for summer fun!

Here is what Peter Schleich had to say about his creation.

Hi, this is the story of the 'BMX BATHTUB'. I'm Peter Schleich, 42 years old, living in Tyrol, Austria - in the heart of the Alps. I am a trained physicist and work in the medical industry as a manager in R&D. During my time at the university I spent a lot of time between lectures doing the half pipe and mini ramp with my BMX. That was in the early 90's. In the early 2000's I started a short 2nd BMX career with a Mongoose bike - a very stable but heavy bike. Obviously stable enough to carry heavy load. The bathtub is a heritage of my grandmother. 4 years ago I transformed it into a pirate ship for my daughters. Around that time I taught myself TIG welding and customizing steel framed bicycles. I was looking for an alternative purpose of the bathtub and my growing interest in cargo bikes made me curious.

Is that fun or what? What wacky cargo bike projects have you come up with?