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Porterlight delivers stylish function in a compact cargo bike

Take a look at the loveliness that is the Bringley. This is the first offering by Porterlight, a new hand made entrant into the cargo bike market.

Here are my take aways from the company site in comparison to other longjohn experiences. 

The look and shape of the frame is fun. Similar to the Kiffy, the Bringley is a compact designed for urban transport and parking in small spaces. 

The builder Lawrence Brand has one pretty cool design feature. The decorative pattern in the birch plywood flatbed deck is more than just aesthetics, the openings serve as built in tide downs for your cargo.

Porterlight offers a host of options to accessorize the bike to suite your hauling needs. Most people with light to moderate requirements should be happy. 

My requests and questions:
I would like to see eyelets for a rear rack to increase the capacity, though that can be remedied with clamps. 

Dimensions and weight capacity would be great to know. 

I also wonder how the birch deck will hold up with use and time. 

To any experienced frame builders, do you think the forty five degree weld at the front of the cargo deck posses any long term threat?

I for one say welcome to the party Porterlight! This looks like a great bike for moving your stuff by bike in any urban core. Hopefully, once Bringley makes it to the U.S. I can get in the saddle take it for a spin.

Share your thoughts on this new cargo bike offering.