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Hello and goodbye to the Trek Transport

A while back I had the chance to take aspin on Trek's interpretation of a long tail, the Transport. While doing some research to prep for what was going to be a review I found out it has been discontinued for Trek's 2015 line up. Introduced in 2010, it had been on the market for five years. Now it looks like my review will be a eulogy of sorts.

Trek Transport 2010-2014

The most exciting feature of the Transport for me was that Trek made it. The Transport served as a beacon of light. If one of the American "big boys" was into utility cycling then the world should be on notice that cargo bikes are taking their seat at the table in the cycling industry.

Helen's Cycles in Santa Monica had a size 17 on the floor so I took it for a spin. At 6'2" all I could do is raise the seat and roll on. A delightful feature of this longtail and the category in general is that you forgot there's an extra foot and a half of bike behind you. I knew it was there but it didn't feel like any additional work.

The one big knock on the the Transport is that it's rack system wasn't compatible with the open source Xtracycle platform. Sticking with it's proprietary system would hold buyers hostage to the Trek line of accessories. Most riders would prefer to have more choice. The overall lack of support for the platform did it in. 

While I'm at it, we should also say goodbye to two other longtails:

Kona Ute
2013 Kona Ute. Photo by Kona

On a positive note the Ute has been replaced with a midtail called the MinUte.

                                                         2015 Kona MinUte. Photo by Kona

Sun Atlas Longtail
This was a Xtracycle compatible sub $700.00 longtail. 

Sun Atlas Longtail

Please share your experience with the Trek Transport. Are there any more floating around that are worth for a good deal?