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A small trike that can haul

Here at Cargo Bike Lane we love cargo bikes in all their forms. The one draw back of a bike or trike that can replace your car is size and weight. Trikes in particular can be rather cumbersome.

There appears to be a solution on the horizon; Kiffy. Inventor Norbert Peytour is preparing to offer the urban cyclist an 18" wheel Dahon / Brompton class trike. Think of this as a miniature version of the Butchers + Bicycles MK1.

Where Kiffy gets really interesting is it's bipartable frame. The handle bar and front wheels become a dolly style shopping cart. The rest of the frame can be locked up separately or stored on the back of the cart.

Kiffy: small, light, folding cargo hauler. I hope this bike makes it to market. I looks like a valuable addition to the movement. I look forward to hearing from Norbert and getting my hands on his product for a proper review.

What do you think of the Kiffy compared to Joe Bike or Bike Friday's Haul-A-Day?