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Ventura Marathon family biking logistics

I really enjoy supporting my wife in her running endeavours. For marathons we have always had a game plan for race day.  Before kids handling jobs like race day driver, baggage handler, and cheer leader were fairly easy. With those three little heads up there in the picture I have added challenges to consider.

Gone are the days of zigzagging across town by car during the LA Marathon avoiding barricaded streets to meet my wife at specific mile markers to cheer. I always worried about leaving the car for an hour in a neighborhood along the course to run a few miles fearing I would get a ticket. I never liked paying inflated prices for parking near the start/finish area. Besides my kids would not be happy with all the chaos for such a long period of time.

Solution: the cargo bike! Thanks to Cetma Cargo I will have a great marathon support vehicle for the 2014 Ventura Marathon. There will be plenty of room for three kids, snacks, and a post race change of clothes. We will leisurely cruise alongside the course and have built-in road side seating to cheer mommy on during the race. Managing children in the large crowds should be a breeze since I can ride and keep an eye on everyone at the same time. This will be our first long day with the bike. There is one week left until race day.  I am very excited to report back on our successes and challenges.

How have you managed navigating a large public event by bike with kids?