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Three options for cargo bike conversion

So you have romantic ideas about going car-free or at least car-lite. You have seen a few cargo bikes but just as the idea is building momentum in your mind the price tags give you some serious pause. Besides, what are you going to do with the bikes you have now?

Fear not, you have options to convert your existing iron horse into a car alternative. Evan Ross basically started the converted cargo bike movement with his Xtracycle. The Free Radical as he calls it lengthens the rear of the bike to make room for big stuff and people. 

Two other products have emerged allowing you to add semi-permanent front loaded carrying capacity.  

Below is the Noomad

With the Noomad you simple remove the front wheel of your existing bike mount the conversion kit in it's place and attach the brake lever for the new front wheels. The slotted board accepts hard and soft side bags as well as a child's seat. 

This is the Hauler Cycle

Again by removing the front wheel of your existing bike and replacing it with this add on you can greatly increase your hauling capabilities. Hauler Cycles makes both a two wheeled and one wheeled version of the add on to meet a wide variety of needs.

Would you consider a cargo bike conversion instead of a purpose built cargo bike?